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We are the people + business advisory for ambitious companies.

Your employee retention and recruitment made permanently easier.

Attracting and keeping hold of business crucial talent doesn’t have to be a struggle.


We solve ambitious companies’ recruitment and retention issues for good with a sustainable people-first, back-to-basics approach and concrete, pragmatic solutions.

Explore your options


Take a deep dive into your organization to get to the root of your people challenges and best solutions to them.


Coupled with a hands-on advisor and a clear roadmap to guide our way forward, you’ll be on the highway to success.


Doing something big for the first time or want to bring new ideas and approaches to your organization?


With our consultant-in-residence or TA-lead-as-service, you’ll have our full attention and brain power on the problem at hand.

Quick wins

Looking for something quick and easy to boost your current plans?

Our trainings, workshops and sparring sessions are perfect for getting new ideas, upskilling your teams or making a quick action plan

Why choose us?

Success measured against your actual business results

Honesty and constant progress as our guiding stars

Effective change management & pragmatic solutions

A fun bunch to work with

What will your success look like?

The project repaid itself quickly by scaling up a team that is responsible for a big chunk of our billable customer work.

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