The first step to fixing any issue? Understanding it. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with companies in various industries and growth stages, but something remains constant: recruitment and employee retention are a challenge for most.

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What we have achieved with our clients

  • Reduced hiring times and overall recruitment costs

  • Improved applicant quality and increased revenue from new hires

  • Decreased employee turnover due to better employee experience

  • Clear development roadmap and its business impact to be pitched to the management board

Our clients turn to us when:

Attracting and hiring business-critical talent has become increasingly difficult, time-consuming or expensive

Team roles, working ways or current processes are not working towards set targets

Sticking to product roadmaps or meeting customers’ expectations is difficult when struggling with talent shortage

Current recruitment approaches are not scalable enough to support quick growth

Using headhunters or other current approaches don't support continuous growth

Staff surveys show that employees are not happy or employee turnover is too high

To fix the above problems, you need to understand what’s wrong. Our suggestion? An extensive audit to dig into your people+business issues: to help you recognize what is causing them and design lasting solutions to fix them.


  • Wholesome analysis of your people approaches in line with your business strategy

  • Clear focus areas to improve for quick, concrete results

  • Objective insights on challenges and opportunities + actionable suggestions on what to change and why

  • Clear development roadmap to take you to the next level


How we work

  • Deep-dive interviews, surveys and data analysis to get into the root of your business and its challenges

  • Modular approach: pick and choose what works best for you

  • Fixed price and flexible timeline