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The project repaid itself quickly by scaling up a team that is responsible for a big chunk of our billable customer work.

We are proud to announce that with her help and stellar advisory, we reduced both recruitment costs and time spent on it.  We couldn’t have wished for a better challenger in our corner.

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Success measured against your actual business results

Time-to-hire down to 4 weeks. 22 hard-to-fill roles hired in 6 months. Revenue increased and margins improved.You decide what success looks like to you, we deliver.

Honesty and constant progress as our guiding stars

No guesswork, just honest advisory and industry expertise. Guaranteed feedback and constant improvement suggestions when we feel something - anything - could be done better.

Effective change management & pragmatic solutions

We are easy to understand in words and actions, and are known to get people on board for lasting change.

A fun bunch to work with

We take our job seriously but are known to crack bad jokes while at it. Life’s too short to hold a straight face for eight hours a day!

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