Effective change mentoring to get you where you want to be. 

We will help you understand how to make your company a more attractive and retentive work place - then help you actually build it into one.


What is change mentoring?

You have a problem, let's figure out the best solutions together!

That is basically what we do as change mentors: we help you understand your problems on a deeper level, craft solutions to them and then make sure things are done in a smarter way in the future - together.

Focus is always on the next best action with the highest impact.

Be it designing new approaches, piloting different solutions, getting your team excited about the change, or getting elbow-deep in your strategy work, change mentoring covers it all.


Who is it for?


Our change mentoring clients are most often team leaders, business unit leaders or C-level people who want to build a better work life and employee experience for their teams.

Change mentoring is often a part of our larger-scale change programs, or a standalone solution for companies that need new ideas and change support without a larger change agenda.​

How does it work in practice?

Themes and topics can be decided monthly, or we can work towards a longer-term goal

One allocated mentor from our team: Hilla, Susanna or Emma

Usually 2-8 hours per week

Fixed-term or ongoing contract​​

Mentorship often lasts 2-12 months

The mentee can be a single team leader or the full management team. Mentoring is most effective when the target group is 1-6 people large.


Our clients come to us for long-term solutions and practical experience

   Setting up new business

  • Taking your company culture & brand into a new location

  • Creating your first people processes

   Nurturing current talent

  • Developing your employee experience

  • Improving employee retention, motivation and productivity

   Attracting new talent

  • Creating an attractive workplace for future employees

  • Crafting a genuine employer promise

   Welcoming new ideas

  • Mentoring your team leaders and management board members

  • Finding and fixing root cause challenges