Keeping employees happy and effective is a challenge for most companies.

We're here to change that: understand your root cause issues and have a solid action plan for permanent change in 4 weeks.

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What you get 



Deep analysis to fully understand your core business challenges and find the most effective ways to fix them

2-3 weeks:

1-2 hour deep-diving interviews with 10-15 key team members

Development roadmap


Co-creating your future concept and development roadmap with three focused actions to take you to the next level


2-3 weeks:

3-4 hours with the client core team (you)



Effective sprint approach and change management to ​help you take action - and truly build a better workplace for your current and future employees

0-6 months:

Change support need defined together during phases 1 & 2

Our proudest achievements


During 3-months, our client implemented a scalable recruitment process that enables a 2-person team to hire 30+ people monthly, taking time to hire down to 3 weeks


Another client made 10 new senior hires within the first 4 months - finally closing 22 hard-to-fill roles in 6 months - after adopting our new recruitment approach


An 8-person sales team managed to free up 10 % of their time to focus on their most profitable customer group by redefining their roles and task distribution


An agency went from record-high employee turnover to growing their teams in less than 6 months by reducing their workload and improving employee experience


Our clients come to us to find lasting ways to solve their challenges

Understanding why people choose to stay or leave

Nurturing a workplace that people are proud of​

Creating a work environment that attracts and retains top talent​

Decreasing turnover and spending less on recruitment and constant onboarding​