Hilla Lempiäinen

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Hilla has a dual passion for growing companies and helping people thrive in their work lives: making sure companies achieve their strategic vision by having the right people working on the right topics at the right time without distraction.

Having 6 years of experience in recruitment and talent development, she is a seasoned professional who’s helped both small growth companies and international corporations redesign their talent approaches in both in-house and advisory roles. With a focus on the tech industry, she’ll be able to guide you around several topics related to employee experience, engagement & retention - and beyond - in a field struggling with chronic talent shortage.

As an advisor and colleague, Hilla is especially known for her result-oriented approach and honesty: she is guaranteed to suggest concrete solutions to any problem she comes across with, and always sets the bar for success high for herself and others. Happily, she’s also an expert in creating a trusted environment, making people around her feel valued and supported even when trying new things for the first time.

At Granny in the snow, she is in charge of our operations and finances.