You want results, fast!

Gain clarity and make structured team decisions, quickly and easily.

Sometimes all you need is a little sparring, an energetic facilitator or an experienced trainer to take your team and its plans to the next level. We're here for you!


Our quick wins come in 3 forms:


  • Management board trainings

  • Team lead trainings

  • Recruiter trainings


  • TA/HR/EB action plan

  • Work week design

  • People + business collaboration


  • 5 x 90 minute sparring sessions

  • Weekly sparring & advisory

When the need is urgent, help needs to be fast, too. That's why everyone loves

easy solutions with a quick impact. We call them quick wins.


Need to refresh your hiring managers' understanding on the latest recruitment practices? Or stir up conversation in the management board? Look no further:

  • Training on all things talent: recruitment trends, modern recruitment approaches, getting started with employer branding, talent development

  • Trainings for the management board, hiring managers and team leads, recruiters

  • 60-90 minute training online or onsite

1500 - 2500 €



Need to clarify your TA/HR/EB action plan for the next year or want to brainstorm new ideas to reach your development goals? Or maybe you want to bring business and HR people around the same table to boost collaboration?

  • Experienced facilitator to sharpen and energize the discussion

  • Preparation and wrap up done by us

  • New ideas, trends and an outside point of view to bring your conversation to the next level

2400 - 4800 €

Sparring sessions

Are you the only TA / HR person in your company? Or perhaps new in your role and want someone to change ideas with? Or just curious to exchange ideas with a senior advisor?

  • 1-to-1 co-working sessions held online

  • Focus on talent strategy, strategic recruitment development, employer branding or people ops set up

  • Sparring sessions goals and content are set together with you in the first meeting

5 x 90-minute sparring sessions = 2500 €

Weekly sparring meetings = 1800 € / month

Ready to find out what your success will look like?