Fighting high turnover and talent shortage

The Customer

Global consulting company with ~ 200 local employees in Helsinki

The Challenge

Going through a large-scale organizational reform in the midst of the pandemic, our client was experiencing high employee turnover and talent shortage in an uncertain industry. Consulting teams were having difficulty managing the high workload and answering client expectations with short-handed teams.

This was mirrored in the company’s employer brand and recruiting new employees was found increasingly challenging, as the company could no longer rely on its previously strong image. With this negative spiral at hand, the company needed an extra pair of hands to both fix immediate issues and provide structure for long-term development agendas.

The Solution

We attacked the situation on two fronts: providing immediate hands-on headhunting support for the most understaffed teams while completing an exhaustive Talent Audit across the organization.

The assessment was completed in 6 weeks: with 8 in-depth interviews, a company-wide hiring manager survey, talent data analysis and concrete recruitment support across 6 teams and 4 business units, the analysis gave a well-rounded view of the current challenges and their root causes.

Audit findings were then used to build the development roadmap and prioritize a backlog of immediate actions and long-term agendas based on their expected impact and estimated effort. Our consultant stayed on for 7 months as a project manager and talent advisor to share knowledge, offer hands-on support and drive change agendas within employer branding, culture building, recruitment and resourcing.

The Impact

From 18 proposed roadmap items, 8 were prioritized for implementation within the first 6 months and others tied to strategic agendas down the road.

First quick actions consisted of developing new hiring manager recruitment approaches, redesigning team roles, updating freelancer practices and taking the first steps towards effective employer branding in the newly-formed business units.

The intensive headhunting approach coupled with team-level employee experience development and employer branding first steps (EVP definition, unique selling points, target group definition, channels etc.), led to 10 new hires within the first 4 months, finally closing 22 hard-to-fill roles in 6 months. The new hires stabilized short-handed teams remarkably and enabled new revenue to be generated.

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