Down to a 7-day hiring time with a POPS transformation

The Client

Nordic SaaS company with ~ 200 employees in Finland

The Challenge

When contacting us, our client was struggling in the intensifying talent market. Though remaining financially profitable, recruitment challenges and high employee turnover were starting to affect the teams’ workload and wellbeing and the teams were having difficulties reaching product roadmap targets.

Recruiting had stagnated severely, and new employees were increasingly difficult to find. Now, the teams were shrinking in size as senior talent resignations increased. The global pandemic intensified these challenges.

The Solution

The client tasked us to figure out what was going on under the surface and come up with lasting solutions to fix what was broken.

In a 4-week audit approach, we dug deep into the company to find true root causes for the visible talent challenges, separating actual issues from what only seemed to be symptoms (recruitment performance issues, brain drain, increased external talent costs).

Our analysis was structured into five deep-rooted issues, many of which were previously unknown to the client. Or as they described the findings: “outstanding” and “unexpectedly wide, and insightful”.

In the Development Roadmap, we provided plans on how each bottleneck should be repaired, and what the estimated cost and business impact of such actions would be.

The Change Program itself was divided into five development streams.

We took lead on driving the two 'most crucial' agendas with an intense sprint-like approach, while the client's own core team took lead on the remaining three. The development initiatives were divided into ‘quick win items’ and ‘long-term initiatives’, with business impact from the first items realised within the next few months.

The Impact

Our work resulted in a full HR transformation converting a more traditional HR team into a modern People Operations squad.

Mentored by us, the new POPS team took full responsibility for leading talent management on a strategic level, widening their role from the previous focus and taking over new capabilities, structures and processes to reach their hiring targets.

To help the team take a hold of their new role, we guided them in matching their resourcing needs, recruitment plan and budget with the company's future product roadmap. The client also initiated new employer branding activities to be more attractive in the tough talent market.

Together with the client, we modernised the recruitment mindset of the company, and created a new, collaborative recruitment model. The new recruitment processes decreased candidate closing time to a record 7 days.

Finally, renewed talent KPIs and metrics were put in place to enable the People Ops team to make informed decisions, follow their progress and prove their success to the management.

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