Scalable 3-week hiring process to hire 30+ people monthly

The Client

An international tech consultancy with ~ 1100 employees in 10 European markets

The Challenge

Our customer was growing fast, and had significant growth plans set for 2022. In a tough talent market, the company had set a target to hire 350 new employees through their global training program for both junior and senior tech professionals. To accomplish this, they needed to attract suitable talent and put in place a scalable and efficient recruitment process to handle large amounts of applicants from over 10 different countries.

In January 2022, the existing team was under high pressure to perform with a fairly new team in place. The team leader was managing a team of young graduates with no previous recruitment or project management experience and had had to take on many operational duties in addition to strategic level planning.

The target was to free up more time for the team lead to focus on long term planning and higher level management tasks.

Late 2021, the team had already set up first recruitment processes, but the existing process was taking too much recruiter and hiring manager time to scale for high candidate volumes. There was a need to define and clarify the target profiles and recruitment criteria to ensure quality recruitment.

In addition, they had acknowledged a need for employer branding activities to attract high-quality talent and reach set hiring targets.

The need was clear: set up scalable and sustainable recruitment operations for a high-volume, ambitious training program and free up the team leader’s time for program development and team building.

The Solution

We joined the team as Talent Acquisition Lead and Employer Branding Lead, taking ownership of operative recruitment, recruitment development and strategic employer branding.

Our time was divided between full responsibility of end-to-end recruitment operations and creating a solid action plan from current to target state to make the program’s recruitment more sustainable and efficient. Planning, piloting and implementing a new recruitment process, setting up new hiring criteria and mentoring the young team to take on larger responsibilities were a core part of the TA Lead role.

On the EB side of things, we defined the program’s first strategic employer branding steps to attract high-quality talent to the program. Defining targets, KPI, processes, candidate profiles, target audiences, storylines, selling points, main messaging and marketing materials for the program created a sturdy base for tactical EB actions, enabling the company marketing and EB teams to better target marketing efforts and reach correct audiences to boost applicant amounts.

The Impact

In the 3 months supporting the program team, we implemented a new sustainable and scalable recruitment process to handle large amounts of applicants, enabling a 2-person team to hire 30+ people monthly.

With the new process, the team was able to go through 365 candidates in 3,5 months with clear responsibilities, assessment criteria and reduced process length while improving the measured candidate experience and taking time to hire down to an average of 3 weeks.

The created employer branding strategy included more targeted communication, advertising and clarified value proposition.

With an experienced duo on their side, the team lead was able to focus on strategic development, taking leaps in team and program structure in a short time frame. Recruitment responsibility was handed over to an internal recruiter, who now had a tried and tested recruitment process to implement.

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