Workshop: Ideal work week and new task distribution

The Client

Nordic advisory with ~ 200 employees in Finland

The Challenge

Our client team had received two new outsourced team members to help them balance their work load, and the team requested our help in identifying what tasks could and should be transferred to them.

The goal was to help the team answer two main questions:

  1. What would be the best task distribution between the client-facing core team and the outsourced backend supporters?

  2. How do we make the most out of our new outsourced team members?

The Solution

Together with the team leader, we designed a half-day workshop to help the team redistribute their tasks.

We tackled the questions from three specific angles:

  1. What job distribution would be the most motivating to both the core team and the outsourced team?

  2. Which tasks would be the easiest to transfer in the short-term? and

  3. Which tasks would be the most effectively handled by each team in the long-term?

The Impact

In the workshop, the team created a concrete list of tasks and responsibilities to be 1) completed by the core team, 2) taken over by the new outsourced team and 3) automated with the support of the IT department.

We also identified the first concrete steps to take during the first days, weeks and months after the workshop, and assigned ownership to team members to handle task onboarding and make sure planned changes were actually made.

A month after the workshop the new outsourced team members were already using 80 % of their working time on (backend) billable client work, which was the company target.