Susanna Aho

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Susanna is well known for her analytical mind and spot-on insights of future and current talent market trends. She’s not afraid to raise difficult topics into discussion and challenge your thoughts when new thinking is needed. 

Susanna’s expertise and passion lies in creating actionable strategies to support our customers’ growth. Her studies in sociology mean she feels right at home researching difficult people topics and is able to present new insights and concrete solutions to all relevant stakeholders. 

Susanna’s background is in IT talent acquisition and she knows well what it means when companies talk about talent shortage. In the past years Susanna has transformed her tech talent market knowledge into employee experience and retention consulting. 

As a colleague Susanna is supportive and always ready to help, plus always delivering excellent results! Our customers value Susanna’s honest and no BS attitude, which is often described to be a refreshing change from the regular consultant mambo-jambo.

At Granny in the Snow Susanna is responsible for our own sales development and team building.