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Envision a world where people are at the center of business – not resources or an HR challenge to take care of, but the sole reason of its existence. 

Companies are struggling to recruit and retain crucial talent to grow their business, while people are increasingly expecting more from their work life – and voting with their feet when let down. We believe both should and can win, and we’re here to make it happen.


Granny in the snow is inspired by our own grandmothers, these Finnish powerhouses who famously skied to school through harsh winters and set the foundation for the Nordic culture of equality, collaboration and practicality. Inspired by the wisdom of these Nordic grannies, we believe in practical, no-nonsense solutions and honest feedback at all times. So, here’s the deal:

Attracting and keeping hold of talent doesn’t have to be constantly difficult. Together, we will tackle your greatest challenges with the same determination, attitude and pragmatic approach it takes to move relentlessly forward in thick snow. We are here to solve your employee retention and recruitment issues - for good. And have some laughs while doing it, as taking things too seriously is just plain boring.

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