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Our workshops focus on efficiency and fun. A half-day workshop is perfect for solving a specific problem, finding new ideas or updating your targets for the coming months.

All of our workshops are facilitated collaborative sessions where the focus is on getting your team to solve problems together. Sometimes all you need is a little sparring, an energetic facilitator or an experienced trainer to take your team and its plans to the next level.


We're here for you!

Strategy workshop:
Targets and action plan

Length: 3 hours (half-day). Price: 2000€ (+vat 24 %).

The strategy workshop is perfect for teams looking to resharpen their focus and make a clear and prioritised action plan for the next months. You will be guided from ideation through prioritisation to committing to actual changes.

Workshop content

Part 1: Ideate

  • Current state: Where are we now and what do we want to change? 

  • Future fantasies: What will our target future look like?

Part 2: Focus

  • Solutions: How do we make our targets a reality?

  • Prioritisation: What actually matters to get us there? 

Part 3: Commit

  • Plan: What will we do next and how?

  • Commit: This is where we will be in the next months.

Employee Experience workshop: Work week design

Length: 3 hours (half-day). Price: 2000€ (+vat 24 %).

Creating enjoyable work lives is part of our core mission, and we are committed to fixing burnout culture. In this workshop we fight back!


Working on your own and as a team, we will help you design your ideal work week. After the workshop you will know how to make your work weeks more effective and  enjoyable, and you are committed to making actual changes in the way you work. Perfect for teams and small companies! 

Workshop content

Part 1: What does your work week consist of?

  • Your target work week

  • Task prioritisation

Part 2: What else affects your everyday experience?

  • Team and working environment

  • Everyday life

Part 3: What will you change and how?

  • Ways of working 

  • Committing to change

Recruitment training:
modern and effective recruitment

Length: 1-2 hours. Price: 2000€ (+vat 24 %).

Is your recruitment too hard, time-consuming or out of control? In the training, we will discuss current talent market trends and give you the latest know-how on fixing recruitment challenges. You will dive into the building blocks for effective, modern recruitment and a great candidate experience to make your recruitment faster, easier and more predictable. 


Our recruitment training can be modified to best suit your audience: our typical target group consists of team leaders, recruiters and management boards members.


Training content

Part 1:

  • Current talent market trends

  • Typical recruitment challenges and how to fix them

  • Candidate expectations for employers


Part 2:

  • Best practices in modern recruitment

  • First steps towards permanently easier recruitment

Training on topic X?

In addition to the above, we have held workshops and trainings for team leaders and management boards in various subjects: employer branding, roles and responsibilities, best recruitment practices, interviewing techniques - you name it.

Let us know what you're looking for and let's plan your workshop or training together!